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2. Kinsmen Park

Trail Update History

Date / Time Status Additional Details
11/24/21 18:43 PM See City Grooming The City of Saskatoon now grooms Kinsmen Park
03/09/21 21:53 PM Groomed Groomed skate and re-set classic track. Queen street loop is melted out and a few bare patch near the hospital. Good spring skiing for a few more days.
02/27/21 11:01 AM Skate groomed classic still holding out, some ice, use caution
02/24/21 22:10 PM Skate groomed Excellent condition
02/22/21 10:38 AM Skate Groomer Skate lane groomed last night
02/14/21 16:00 PM Groomed Groomed for classic and skate. Instruction grid re-set. Excellent Condition!
02/04/21 16:19 PM Groomed Skate
01/31/21 11:09 AM Groomed Classic, skate, and instruction grid. Excellent condition!
01/29/21 20:42 PM Groomed yesterday Classic reset and skate groomed
01/23/21 12:30 PM Skate/classic done All excellent condition.
01/23/21 12:30 PM Skate/classic done All excellent condition.
01/20/21 20:51 PM All groomed Skate, classic and teaching grid in good condition.
01/19/21 17:04 PM tracks wind blown Grooming planned for after the next 24hour wind warning.
01/19/21 17:02 PM Classic&skate wind b Grooming planned for after the next 24hour wind warning.
01/18/21 12:57 PM Skate groomed today Skied-in Classic track remains in good condition.
01/15/21 23:25 PM Groomed today Classic, skate and training grid in good condition.
01/11/21 22:31 PM Groomed today Skate trail reset. Outer classic track renovated.
01/07/21 19:47 PM Groomed Skate trail today
01/02/21 19:51 PM Skate groomed today Also hospital classic loop set today. Rest of classic holding up well. Good skiing.
01/02/21 19:49 PM Skate groomed today Also classic groomed in the hospital loop. Rest of the classic track holing up well. Good skiing.
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