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Get Involved! Kinsmen Park Plan Deadline for Input Nov 18

The recent City sponsored open house sessions on the Kinsmen Park Master Plan have collected feedback from attendees. The City is entertaining input on the Plan until Nov 18, which will allow all those who were unable to attend the sessions to still get involved. One of the questions on the feedback form at the open houses was "What elements of the proposed plan do you want to see finished first?" This is the absolutely critical question that needs to be addressed by club members and skiers at large. The proposed implementation timeline for adding a long overdue all-season warm-up/meeting facility that would serve the needs of x-c skiers is anywhere between 5 & 10 years, if funding is found for same. All skiers are strongly urged to send the City an answer to the question, so they know where our community stands on this issue. The sub-group in the Nordic Club that stands to benefit most from the installation of an all-season facility is the Jackrabbit program participants, so they should be making a supreme effort to let the City know that a proper facility for the kids is an immediate priority - not 5 or 10 years down the road...maybe!

You can access all the open house documents, including the Winter Concept, plus enter comments on-line on the City website at: Kinsmen Park Master Plan Documents

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