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Letter to City Council on Kinsmen Park Master Plan

Hi everyone.

Sad to see the snow disappear so quickly, and hoping for more snow soon.  Wanted to let you know the outcome of our latest executive meeting, so you would be aware of what we are doing.  At the latest executive meeting, we spent time discussing the importance of all aspects of the club to our continued future.  We also focused on (again) the Kinsmen Park Master Plan, Vision 2020, and Adult Lessons.  We passed a few key motions related to the last three, and I wanted to let you know what they were:

Kinsmen Park Master Plan

It is moved that the Saskatoon Nordic Ski Club lobby the City of Saskatoon to move the winterized facility included in the winter concept plan into Phase 1 of the Kinsmen Park Master Plan. 

It is moved that the Saskatoon Nordic Ski Club indicate that we would be willing to partner with the City of Saskatoon to pursue corporate fundraising to allow this to be implemented.

We prepared and submitted a letter to City Council that outlines our position on the Kinsmen Park Master Plan.  To see a copy of this letter, click here.  We will be presenting our position to City Council at their meeting on December 5, 2011 at 6:00 pm.  We encourage all members to be there to support cross country skiing.

Vision 2020

We passed an extensive motion to allow the Vision 2020 committee to continue with implementation of this plan.  To see this motion, please click here.  Specifically, this motion enables the Vision 2020 committee to develop, facilitate and manage the plan to achieve the goals of the Vision 2020: a Ten Year Strategic Plan.  In 2011-2012, the Vision 2020 wil pursue the following goals:

1) To identify 1- 3 most suitable and potentially available sites for a permanent cross country ski facility in or near Saskatoon;

2) To identify the level of interest of other user groups in cooperating on the development of the site;

3) To apply for grants for immediate club needs and while doing so build a knowledge of grants that may help fund purchase of land and/or development of the facility.

4)   Ensure that the Executive and committees create an inventory of volunteer needs in our club so we can act on filling vacancies (both year-round and seasonal).

Adult Lessons

We passed the following motion related to adult lessons.

It is moved that the standard fee for adult lessons be increased to $85 per lesson session for non-members and $60 per lesson session for members.

What's New?

I am currently looking for volunteers with interest to help me develop the following key areas with respect to club administration:

Volunteer Recognition Program - This project will identify a standardized volunteer recognition program that could be adopted by the club.

Sponsor Recognition Program - This project will identify a standardized sponsor recognition program that could be adopted by the club.

Club Social Events - This will involve the organization of one or two social events for club members.

Please let me know - or if you have any great ideas and could help out in any of these areas. 

Hoping for more snow soon to see you on the trails.







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