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Trail Update History

Date / Time Status Additional Details
01/11/19 21:35 PM Groomed 50 plus kilometres of classic track set into about 15 cm. of fluffy new snow. The grooming went well.
01/08/19 7:43 AM More snow Grooming is planned for January 11.
01/04/19 22:36 PM New snow Skiing is good with some fresh powder snow. Grooming will be done after a bit more accumulation.
12/30/18 23:14 PM some new snow Groomed Dec 22. New snow covers bare sections and ice, but is not enough to reset tracks. Skiing is good.
12/22/18 21:51 PM Trails all groomed Mostly good. Some grass and leaves show for short distances. South end of Big Spruce, north west Beaverlodge and north west Jorgen's are very rough.
12/16/18 22:38 PM fair and variable Damaged by the weather. Needs new snow for repairs. Trails in open and deciduous forest are OK to ski.
12/08/18 12:27 PM Groomed Nov 29 New snow has covered the grass and dirt, not enough added to groom again. Short sections are packed only. Skiing is generally good with the snow skied into the groomed tracks.
11/29/18 20:31 PM All groomed Nov 23 and Nov 29. Conditions vary. Early season conditions.
11/23/18 20:43 PM Partial track set Intermittent classic track is set. Best track is on Sask 60, Bog, east side of Jorgen's.
11/20/18 10:28 AM Accumulating The crew is discussing a grooming run for Friday or Saturday
11/17/18 6:41 AM Packed There is snow on all trails. The north west section of Jorgen's Trail is closed due to rough, muddy sections at the bottom of hills.
11/16/18 5:07 AM Packing Waiting for more snow.
11/06/18 20:16 PM Some snow About six centimetres fell. This is not enough to begin grooming. It makes for poor to fair skiing on undisturbed trail.
09/26/18 21:52 PM Mowing completed Some clearing is needed; most trails are ready for snow.
05/10/18 21:50 PM Hiking and Biking We will continue the updates when the fall work starts
04/12/18 16:40 PM Spring conditions Still good Apr 12. Icy when cold, slushy when warm. Grooming is finished.
04/07/18 19:19 PM Groomed 14 km East side of Jorgens, Beaverlodge, north, west and south sides, south section of Sask60. Stopped by mechanical issues.
04/06/18 20:59 PM Grooming Sat. Selected trails. Watch for updates.
03/29/18 21:09 PM Groomed 50+ km. of classic skiing track. It is very good.
03/28/18 6:37 AM snow, cold Grooming is planned March 29.
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